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The perfect outing to learn and understand more about water resources and issues. You’ll be captivated by the permanent – and interactive – exhibition. Spread over five spaces, this exhibition is suitable for all ages, and has been translated into three languages.

The water saga


This section invites visitors to learn about everything that makes the water molecule, something so small and simple, such an exceptional substance and a source of life.

This introductory section is water’s origin story, and allows you to:

  • Gain a global overview (in physico-chemical, geographical and environmental terms) of the issue of water and the water cycle


  • Observe and touch the presence of water in its 3 states, as well as how it functions on a planetary scale.


The sublime Mediterranean


Here you’ll discover, via a map of the Mediterranean basin, its relationship with water and the human activities which have been established around the area. You’ll also be able to observe the cultural and natural wealth of the region through its history and multiculturalism, all while gaining an increased awareness of the crucial necessity of resource conservation.

You’ll learn about:

  • The settlement, urbanisation and geopolitical characteristics of the Mediterranean basin
  • The biodiversity, geology, nature and cultures of the Mediterranean basin
  • The history of men and women of the Mediterranean throughout the centuries
  • Issues threatening the future of the Mediterranean…

Land of the Catalans


Embark on a journey through images of the local catchment basin of Tech-Albères, from the source of the river to its mouth: geography, biodiversity, and places of interest.

You’ll discover:

  • The history of the landscape through the story of its waters
  • The story of the region and the town of Le Boulou

Our water's Odyssey


At the end of the visit, a multi-activity educational space offers four workshops, enabling you to review the various topics covered during your visit.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about:

  • The path taken by the water, from source to collection
  • The multiple uses of water along the river Tech
  • The challenges and threats to water in our local area

Source of well-being


Within a relaxation space, you’ll be invited to view three short video clips. They’ll help you discover the special properties and benefits of the thermal waters of Le Boulou.

You’ll discover:

  • Miracle waters
  • History of the thermal spa of Le Boulou
  • Healing waters

Accessibility & PMR

The accessibility policy for disabled visitors is one of the key priorities of the La Maison de l’Eau et de la Méditerranée. As such, a number of access measures and facilities are provided for disabled visitors. Our staff are at your service should you require any further information or have any specific requests.